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Shoe interview

Shoe is a legendary stylemaster from Amsterdam. And he had a show there this month. This is an interview for Shoe’s Calligraffiti exhibition September 13 – 16, 2007 @ BG / Oosterdokskade 3-5, Amsterdam.

22 si 23 septembrie 2007 – “Festivalul dintre blocuri”

Primaria sectorului 4 informeaza: Centrul de Tineret al Bibliotecii Metropolitane in colaborare cu Primaria Municipiului Bucuresti (ARCUB), Primaria sectorului 4 si Autoritatea Nationala pentru Tineret organizeaza in zilele de 22 si 23 septembrie 2007 un eveniment de cultura urbana intitulat “Festivalul dintre blocuri”. Evenimentul se va desfasura intre orele 11:00 si 22:00 in parcul aflat […]

22 septembrie 2007 – “Nopti albe cu graffiti”

22 septembrie 2007 ora 14:00 Piata Constitutiei Bucuresti, Romania Un eveniment RULEZ.

Eric Clapton – $120,000 for 12 graffiti paintings by Lee Quinones

This week news broke that Eric Clapton shelled out $120,000 to buy twelve paintings by legendary graffiti artist Lee Quinones; each work depicts a shoplifter grabbing an album from the Seventies, including James Brown’s Sex Machine and the Isley Brothers’ Get Into Something. The guitarist’s apparent love of graffiti art dates back at least a […]

Zero.Gallery – Other Dixon Saddo – Berlin

A little late (I know! :P ) but here it is. On 4th of August, 2007 there was an exhibition in Berlin held by Zero.Gallery. OTHER (Montreal – Canada) DIXON (Barcelona – Spain) … with special guest SADDO (Bucharest – Romania) Paintings, murals and prints. MORE PICTURES FROM THIS EVENT IN OUR Graffiti Gallery. Thanks […]

Centrul de Dans: Sinboy, Ripo si Obes

Maine, 08 august, ora 19:00, la Centrul de Dans (sub Motoare) va fie un show cu Sinboy, Ripo si Obes. Evenimentul se va derula pana pe 31 august 2007. Merci pentru anunt Brioshe si pentru informatia suplimentara Sinboy ;)

Standings: Write4Gold Balcan PreComp 2007

The final standings in the Write4Gold Balcan PreComp 2007 are: 3. FWK’S (Bucharest/ROM) 2. DH4 Crew (Bucharest/ROM) 1. GB Crew (Brasov/ROM) Congrats to all participants and we wish you “Good Luck” in the next year’s competition! [ You can see all photos taken by Geo at this event by visiting our Graffiti Gallery ]

Urban Funke – Barcelona, Spain

Urban Funke 2007 took place this year on June 29 and 30 in Barcelona. The weather was perfect and the energy was as chill as can be when you’ve got a bunch of graffiti artists, street-ballers and skateboarders running around! On top of Montjuïc, with the Palau Nacional as the backdrop, the event’s location was […]

Official: The Crew Lineup for the Write4Gold PreComp Romania 2007

Write4Gold Balcan PreComp 2007 Venue: Bucharest, Romania Location: Parcul Herastrau Date: 14th july 2007 Start: 10 AM Surprising act in Romania, the local organizers have decided to run a pre-competition in Bucharest on 14th of July in the Herastrau Park, the same location as last year Write4Gold Romania. This competition will be the pre-comp (NO […]

FânFest 2007

A venit momentul sa vorbim din nou despre FânFest, de aceasta data despre FânFest 2007 si sa va anuntam ca “da”, festivalul are loc si in acest an in ultimul week-end din august. Asa ca intre 24 si 26 august va asteptam cu mic cu mare la Rosia Montana pentru cel mai mare eveniment de […]