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The Graffiti Project

The idea of The Graffiti Project is simple and original: take the vibrant and often transient art form of Brazilian graffiti out of its predominantly urban context and apply it to the ancient and permanent walls of an historic rural castle in Scotland – Kelburn Castle. This distinctive vision is quickly catching people’s imagination, and […]

The new Write4Gold jury system

Of all the the worldwide aerosol artist communities the Write4Gold is a unique and very important event. We are looking for equal rules of judging for every Write4Gold Battle, to make the system of judging more transparent and understandable for everyody. The following explanations will give you, as an organiser, a judge or a participant […]

Romanian Delicious won Write4Gold Classics East Europe 2007!

The Romanian Delicious has won the Write4Gold Classics East Europe 2007. 2nd place for the Hungarian Finest from Budapest and the 3rd place to the DKH Crew from Bratislava (SK) and KGM from Moscow (RU). Well done guys !!! Congrats! Here’s a video from Molotow TV regarding this event. You can also see some pictures […]

The 3rd Edition of Urban Funke Barcelona

Urban Funke Barcelona 2007 is a two-day event showcasing music, art and sports exhibitions that facilitate the development of international and national urban culture. The event will be hosted from June 29th, 2007 through to June 30th, 2007 with the grand opening on June 28th, 2007. The event will take place both during the day […]

Write4Gold: Budapest, Hungary

Write4Gold Classics East Europe Venue: Budapest, Hungary Location: Mokka Cuka Date: 30th June 2007 Start: 10am Web: Web2: Entry: 10:00-22:00: Free Aftershow: 22:00-06:00: 10 euro Venue: Mokka Cuka At the Write4Gold Classic Competition perform crews like KMR (Prague/CZ), DKH (Bratislava/SK), HUNGARIANS FINEST (Budapest/HU), KGM (Moscow/RU), ROMANIAN DELICIOUS (RO), Flying Scripts (Györ/HU) and INDUSTRY […]

Write4Gold European Classics 2007 – the 5th Chapter

• Write4Gold Classics 2007, what does that mean? The 5th anniversary of Write4Gold will be celebrated in 5 european venues: Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria), Haaksbergen (Netherlands), Rome (Italy) and Roskilde Festival (Denmark). • Who’s painting at the Write4Gold Classics 2007? Crews who have won or placed the 2nd in past competitions europeanwide. • Is there […]

Rosia Montana with ART

Asociatia Alburnus Maior are placerea sa va invite la manifestarea culturala From Rosia Montana with ART joi, 29 martie si vineri, 30 martie 2007, orele: 18:00, in Club A, Bucuresti. Evenimentul isi propune o abordare culturala a subiectului Rosia Montana, pe aceeasi directie pe care si-a propus sa mearga si festivalul FanFest. Intentia organizatorilor este […]

CAN STYLE BATTLE … 1000 Cans with your Design !!!

Today while surfing the net I came by this website which offers 1000 cans for the winner of their contest. The contest is at this address: . You can win 1000 cans ! Send your designs at this email with the subject “Can Style Battle | Design”. They can be whatever you want! […]

Inaugurare metrou Dristor 2 – Berceanu si Tariceanu

Berceanu crede ca graffiti-ul este un sport sau ceva COOL!!! Cei de la Metrorex au angajat paznici echipati ca-n filme, dar nu s-au gandit ca sunt romani Daca paznicii din alte capitale europene nu au reusit sa opreasca graffiti-ul, credeti ca voi veti putea? Avem dubii in privinta asta ? si suficiente motive sa nu […]

Concurs – Dragonul Rosu – “Vision of China”

A fost un concurs reusit la care organizatorii au pus la dispozitia concurentilor cate 36 de spray-uri de echipa si un “perete” de 50 de metri. Concurentii au fost punctati cu note de la 1 la 10 de catre membrii juriului pentru: – Tema– Originalitate– Letraj– Lizibilitate– Personaje– Fill-in Clasamentul a aratat in felul urmator: […]