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Graffiti "Dilated Peoples" | Forma Agency | 2014
Graffiti “Dilated Peoples” | Forma Agency | 2014

Idea: Forma Agency Artists: Ches(@CHES_CHES), Mr.Kru (@KREWCHKOV) With: Taknado Crew (Fast, Jovanny, Voodoo) Dj: Dj Erik Camera/Edit: Vladislav @0_nine

21 iunie: Skateboarding Day

Ollie Gang Shop sarbatoreste Go Skateboarding Day prin concursuri si programe care sprijina practican?ii de sporturi urbane! In fiecare an, pe 21 Iunie, skaterii, riderii si toti impatimitii stilului urban din intreaga tara sarbatoresc Ziua Internationala a Skateboardingului. Alaturi de ei, cel mai reprezentativ magazin de cultura urbana si street wear din Romania, Ollie Gang […]

“Descopera lumea prin spray painting”, un proiect unic in Romania pentru copiii cu dizabilitati

“Descopera lumea prin Spray Painting” este o forma de terapie prin arta, un atelier de dezvoltare personala ce are ca scop o intelegere mai profunda a copiilor cu dizabilitati, a celor care au anumite deficiente asociate. Timp de 4 luni de zile, in perioada iunie – septembrie, se vor desfasura 20 de ateliere de spray […]

Banksy set up a stall selling 100% authentic original signed canvases. And no one knew!

According to a video posted to Banksy’s blog, the anonymous artist set up an art booth Saturday morning. Better said: he struggled to sell them! Banksy, the most known street artist of today who has tons of media coverage, sold “a fortune worth of paintings” for just $420 (total sum) at a market stall in […]


This issue covers a number of Graffiti and Street Art events in Copsa Mica, Timisoara, Iasi, Bucharest and Cluj. The main article is an interview with Cluj based writer SINK, but also you can read about C215 (famous artist cornered) Killroy, Krush Groove. Facebook | Twitter | Blog You can also see the 1st issue […]

Festivalul Ars Urbana / editia a 3-a

Ai un skateboard, o pereche de role sau 2 tuburi de spray? Sau n-ai stare, vrei sa-ti rupi tenisii si blugii dar sa fii eroul prietenilor tai? Eu zic sa participi la Ars Urbana III. Poate nu-i o noutate pentru tine, dar in Moldova, Ars Urbana e singurul festival care promoveaza arta urbana! Pentru iubitorii […]