Stencil Graffiti LessonThis is a pretty basic stencil, not fancy … just one layer / one color.

Figure 1 – First of all you draw on a strong material the shape you want to stencil. Important: be sure you let some portions of the drawing not drawn. When you will cut it the material will stay in one piece and will not break apart.

Figure 2 – Then you cut the piece of material which represents your stencil. Once again: when you cut it be sure the material will stay in one piece. Otherwise you won’t have a stencil.

Figure 3 – Take a can of paint and spread you stencil around your town :)

Figure 4 – This is how our example should look after you paint it on a wall.

PS: I don’t know where I found these images but if someone remembers please comment on this article with the link so I can credit the creator of these images. Thanks.