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Graffiti Project

This is a short documentary I made for class. I follow two members of a graffiti crew called DDM. This short doc follows a one night adventure into the east side of Austin, TX. This is their story. [via Docubloggers]

YouTube graffiti

Graffiti spotted in Oxford Street (in London / UK). Search is navigation. It seems that online and offline worlds are merging more and more. [via Faster Future]

Stockholm Subway Stories

This is strictly for the hardcore. A movie-clip from ”Stockholm Subway Stories”. Enjoy.

Comi – Germany

Nice style on a train in Germany. His tag is Comi. Keep on writing man ;)

Braille graffiti

Scott Wayne Indiana takes public art to new level with braille graffiti. The idea is to put pieces of braille graffiti around here and there as stand alone pieces or as descriptions of sighted graffiti. It’s to add a little something interesting to everyday things like handrails and the backs of signs. It’s also something […]

Petition to organize and build a graffiti wall in every town

A petition to organize and build a graffiti wall in every town was put up on a government site in UK by a guy named Paul Slater. If the government built a legal graffiti wall in every town, where anyone is aloud to spray graffiti, it would cut down the amount of illegal graffiti in […]

Historic graffiti wall discovered

Real estate developers in NYC have discovered a historic graffiti wall end of November. Developer Mike Namer points to a detail on a graffiti wall with drawings by original graffiti subway artists Fab Five Freddy, Futura 2000 and some traces by Jean-Michel Basquiat Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2007, in New York. The large mural, created by […]

Santa’s Ghetto 2007

Every year in December a group of artists display their work at an art show called “Santa’s Ghetto”. Here‘s how they explain it: Santa’s Ghetto is probably the world’s most low-concept art event. Every year we assemble a loose collection of the great unwashed to hawk their artistic wares on the high street amongst the […]

The subconscious art of graffiti removal

WebUrbanist has an interesting write up of Matt McCormick‘s film The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal. Although a few years old it can still be found on the Best of Resfest Vol. 3. The short film brings up the interesting concept that one can find art in the painting over of graffiti done by local […]