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$350 Fine, $3200 in restitution and 18 months probation :/

A 19-year-old graffiti artist who was arrested in September for spray painting the likeness of Johnny Cash on several Salt Lake City and Sugar House businesses was sentenced Monday. Tyler James Olsen was ordered to pay a $350 fine and $3,200 in restitution and was put on 18 months probation. Judge Randall Skanchy also sentenced […]

How a graffiti is built in 40 minutes

This guy speeds up some work he does in house on a canvas. Really nice work!

H2O implineste 4 ani!

Vineri, 7 Decembrie 2007, echipa H2O te asteapta sa sarbatoriti impreuna 4 ani de sport extrem cu un eveniment in stilul lor special: un jam session de bmx, skate si role, muzica si party. Intre orele 17 si 23, H2O pune stapanire pe strada Bacani-Blanari si o transforma pentru o seara intr-un spatiu guvernat de […]

Lansare: Revista “BLANA”

Se lanseaza prima revista de graffiti, snowboard si life-style din Romania! Revista BLANA! Lansarea oficiala sus pe Casa Poporului la MNAC – 7 decembrie 2007, ora 19.00! Surprinde momente sociale si artistice punand accentul pe sporturile extreme Se adreseaza publicului cunoscator 13-33 ani Este PRIMA revista de acest tip din Romania Vine in sprijinul magazinelor […]

Stockholm Subway Stories

This is strictly for the hardcore graffiti artists out there. A movie-clip from ”Stockholm Subway Stories’‘ provided by Laks Erik (thanks!).

Atlas One – Graffiti Documentary

East of the Angels went out painting with legendary LA graffiti artist, Atlas One. He talks about growing up, and painting in East Los Angeles. Featuring music by The Antarcticans, The Burning Softies, Pure Pleaser, and Aquaflesh. Originally appeared in issue #2 of The West Video Magazine. This video is ©2006 East of the Angels

The train got totally owned

… and again: teamwork is the key! That train got totally owned :)

Whole Train

That’s what I call teamwork :D And a bonus: they also used spray cans in both hands to paint this whole train.

Madrid Subway Action

Gen, Chuski, Higos and others hit the subway tunnels at night and people on the train don’t even notice them.

Graffiti jam

I don’t know where this graffiti jam took place but I found it on the net and thought you should see it ;) If anyone knows where it took place let me know … Thanks. Edited later: It took place in Lublin, Poland ;)