Hot tipper Kirby wrote in to show us the pics he’s been taking of Yoshi egg graffiti that has been materializing all over his territory:

It seems that the Mushroom Kingdom, er Yoshi’s Island is invading Pittsburgh. In the northern region near Route 28 and the North Hills Yoshi Eggs have been popping up in all colors and sizes. Either King Koopa is planning on taking over the MLB All-Star game or the city has a graffiti artist w/ a sense of humor on its hands

According to commentators on his LJ entry about the eggs, there are over 100 of them scattered about and it sounds like the artist’s intent was that they be hunted for. Someone even says they „spotted some tiny, inch high, ones in Oakland last week and jumped up & down.” eliza Gauger

Read the post on LJ and see more pics of the eggs [LiveJournal]

Original post by graffiti – Google News