The basic idea was to build a computer hardware interface which is similar to an existing analog tool. An new interface will force new experiences. Forget about keyboard and mouse: with WiiSpray we created a new human computing interface (HCI). The use of WiiSpray is similar of using a real spray can – but without the colour and the toxic smells. WiiSpray is based on Adobe Flash, a WiiFlashServer and the Nintendo Wii® device. With this techology and a computer supported technology it is possible to move wireless through the space. You don´t need to learn this device – just start spraying intuitively. And the best is, after finishing your grafitti you can upload it to our website and look at it at any time from everywhere. But not enough – now it is my diplom thesis! I`m planning to build a new spraycan with more functionsand also an advanced software with collaborative spraying option, different caps, different colours…. and maybee different Sprayers make an appointment and create grafitties together: online! The communication will take place by the picture and will be videochatsupported.

More info and updates can be found on Wii Spray. Excellent piece of work, Martin! Keep developing it and you’ll be famous! You can bet on this :)