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Random images from our graffiti gallery

Timelapse of The Graffiti Project on Kelburn Castle

Footage of Os Gemeos, Nina and Nunca painting the walls of Kelburn Castle in Scotland, June 2007. Great work everyone!

Legal graffiti art? With city permit?

As of 06/06/2007 graffiti artists are now required to apply for a permit to paint the walls at the famous Venice Pits.

Melrose Alley Graffiti

This is a graffiti wall off Melrose where the CBS Crew draws.

The tagging of Air Force One

Marc Ecko: the tagging itself Marc Ecko explains his feelings about graffiti, the U.S., and more. Did he tag Air Force One? You can be the judge for yourself.

Urban Cancer

“Urban Cancer”, a project by Mexican artist Gilberto Esparza, connects up multiple street lamps to one pole, in order to examine the technological imperialism of modern cities. This video has really nice details of just how he got all those lights up there. Video found by Wooster Collective via MakeZine. More here.

A New Romanian Graffiti Video

Here’s a new romanian graffiti video that I discovered today on Metacafe. Enjoy ;)


Graffiti writer Noise does a freight train in fast motion.

Ket is free! $5,000 fine

As I was saying a couple of weeks ago, Ket, one of the graffiti “godfathers” pleaded guilty. He was ordered yesterday to pay a $5,000 penalty for subway vandalism, doesn’t rue his spray-paint-filled past. “I do not regret it,” Alain (KET) Mariduena said after being sentenced for felony criminal mischief in Manhattan Supreme Court. “I […]

Spraypaint tutorial

A graffiti writer shows a spraypaint tutorial how to draw graffiti in a really easy character.