I think this is my favorite bit of gamer themed street art we’ve ever posted. I like to think that this is less deliberate art than a miraculous coincidence — the sole remaining piece of a Byzantine mosaic’s millennia-spanning decay. The rusted pipes give it an air of almost Turkish squalor.

Unfortunately, Etherfreak dashed my own feverish imaginings. It’s actually from my home town! „I found this little megaman stuck onto the back of an art store on mass ave in boston. looks like it was composed of many little „pixel” squares separately adhered to the wall. Funny thing is, about an hour after snapping this shot I walked by again, only to see a couple dudes pulling out camera phones and shrieking in revelrous glee at their discovery. Something makes me think that you guys have probably already seen this one. Just in case you haven’t….”

I don’t think we have (who can tell with our search system so hopelessly broken?), but anything this cool deserves to be posted again, and I deserve to be paid for posting it. Florian Eckhardt

Original post by graffiti – Google News