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Graffiti "Dilated Peoples" | Forma Agency | 2014
Graffiti “Dilated Peoples” | Forma Agency | 2014

Idea: Forma Agency Artists: Ches(@CHES_CHES), Mr.Kru (@KREWCHKOV) With: Taknado Crew (Fast, Jovanny, Voodoo) Dj: Dj Erik Camera/Edit: Vladislav @0_nine

Banksy set up a stall selling 100% authentic original signed canvases. And no one knew!

According to a video posted to Banksy’s blog, the anonymous artist set up an art booth Saturday morning. Better said: he struggled to sell them! Banksy, the most known street artist of today who has tons of media coverage, sold “a fortune worth of paintings” for just $420 (total sum) at a market stall in […]

Iz The Wiz Tribute
Iz the wiz Tribute Weekend

“Iz the wiz Tribute Weekend” este primul eveniment in care intreaga comunitate de “graffiti/writers” din lume se reuneste pentru a-si exprima tributulul pentru unul dintre cei mai mari “graffiti bombers” din toate timpurile. Acesta este un eveniment international in care “writerii” din toata lumea se intalnesc pentru a desena la “spot-urile” lor, bucurandu-se de placerea […]

graffiti in Egypt
Artists use graffiti to tell stories about the Egypt revolution

Running south from Tahrir Square toward Egypt’s interior ministry in central Cairo, Mohamed Mahmoud street has become one of the revolution’s most violent battlegrounds. Twelve people died in the area during February street battles between protesters and police stemming from a deadly football riot in Port Said. With the neighbourhood calm, at least for the […]

5Pointz NY Queens
5Pointz (Long Island City, New York) is set to be demolished in 2013

5Pointz: “The Institute of Higher Burnin’” or the 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center, Inc. is an outdoor art exhibit space in Long Island City, New York, considered to be the world’s premiere “graffiti Mecca”, where aerosol artists from around the globe paint colorful pieces on the walls of a 200,000-square-foot factory building. The complex owned by […]

Palais Benedictine opens its doors to the graffiti artist Jace and son exhibition: “Madakao”

Alexandre Le Grand, who rediscovered the recipe for the famous Benedictine liqueur in 1863, had a passion for the arts in all its forms but especially contemporary art, since it was he who called upon artists from his generation to sublimate his liqueur. The links between art and the Benedictine still exist today: as Alexander […]

Timoi – LA graffiti girl

Her name is TIMOI. She became active in 1995; although drawing had always been part of her life it wasn’t until she moved to Los Angeles from Guatemala in 1990 that I was introduced to Graffiti art. She couldn’t keep her eyes from the art on the freeways, windows, poles, billboards, letters and characters telling […]

paintball street art
Paintball Street Art

When Paintball meets Street Art the end result can only be amazing! These Paintballing legends turn the graffiti world on its head using their paintball guns to create awesome street art images. Inspired by Mountain Dew these street artists carve rolling vistas of colour with their paintball guns in a space, and a world usually […]

Banksy gorilla crossover
Banksy’s Gorilla crossed over

I feel sorry for the guy that did this, but how can he not know about Banksy? :-S (via The Guardian)

Customizable stencil lets anyone make street art infographics

With the help of a new pie chart stencil by interactive media artist Golan Levin, creating politically charged graffiti just got a bit easier. The fully customizable “Infoviz Graffiti” toolkit allows users to quickly swap out the numbers and letters and adjust the slice of the pie. The stencil design is available as a PDF […]