Alexandre Le Grand, who rediscovered the recipe for the famous Benedictine liqueur in 1863, had a passion for the arts in all its forms but especially contemporary art, since it was he who called upon artists from his generation to sublimate his liqueur.

The links between art and the Benedictine still exist today: as Alexander Le Grand set out to do then, the Palais Benedictine continues today by offering visitors contemporary art shows. As part of this program, the Palais opens its doors to Jace, a renowned graffiti artist.

Jace’s artistic talent has amused the island of the Reunion for more than 20 years through his mascot „gouzou”, a little round inexpressive egg-headed character. Jace builds his own non-conformist universe by diverting daily elements in unexpected places.

The modest 80’s artist is considered today as the absolute must in Ultramarine Street Art. His passion for travelling has brought him to the creation of an original project based on human values: donation, respect, openness and sharing.

Therefore, he has decided to give life to his „gouzous” by spray painting them on Madagascan pirogue sails. He also uses local pigments and tar, traditionally used by the local fishermen on their sails. A pure alchemy for the fishermen and their families.

Finished in January this year, this great project is being exhibited at the Flamboyant Palais as well as the artist’s latest works on canvas which characterise the wide range of his art.