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Graffiti "Dilated Peoples" | Forma Agency | 2014
Graffiti “Dilated Peoples” | Forma Agency | 2014

Idea: Forma Agency Artists: Ches(@CHES_CHES), Mr.Kru (@KREWCHKOV) With: Taknado Crew (Fast, Jovanny, Voodoo) Dj: Dj Erik Camera/Edit: Vladislav @0_nine

Banksy set up a stall selling 100% authentic original signed canvases. And no one knew!

According to a video posted to Banksy’s blog, the anonymous artist set up an art booth Saturday morning. Better said: he struggled to sell them! Banksy, the most known street artist of today who has tons of media coverage, sold “a fortune worth of paintings” for just $420 (total sum) at a market stall in […]

Festivalul Ars Urbana / editia a 3-a

Ai un skateboard, o pereche de role sau 2 tuburi de spray? Sau n-ai stare, vrei sa-ti rupi tenisii si blugii dar sa fii eroul prietenilor tai? Eu zic sa participi la Ars Urbana III. Poate nu-i o noutate pentru tine, dar in Moldova, Ars Urbana e singurul festival care promoveaza arta urbana! Pentru iubitorii […]

Concurs: EcoMetroArt
Concurs: EcoMetroArt

Te-ai saturat de acelasi peisaj gri al orasului? Ia atitudine si sprayul / pensula intr-o mana si puneti ideile pe plansa. Echipa EcoMetroArt te provoaca sa colorezi atmosfera de la metrou. Lucrarile selectate (inclusiv de la sectiunea arta stradala) vor fi expuse in pasajul de la Universitate (iesirea dinspre Intercontinental), iar autorii vor fi rasplatiti […]

City of Energy - 2012
Transforma energia orasului tau cu Enel!

Enel Sharing te provoaca in 2012 la un cocncurs inedit: City Of Energy! Printr-un concurs derulat pe pagina oficiala de Facebook a proiectului. Un juriu fromat din artisti urbani consacrati va alege 10 finalisti. Premiul cel mare este de 2000 RON.

5Pointz NY Queens
5Pointz (Long Island City, New York) is set to be demolished in 2013

5Pointz: “The Institute of Higher Burnin’” or the 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center, Inc. is an outdoor art exhibit space in Long Island City, New York, considered to be the world’s premiere “graffiti Mecca”, where aerosol artists from around the globe paint colorful pieces on the walls of a 200,000-square-foot factory building. The complex owned by […]

Timoi – LA graffiti girl

Her name is TIMOI. She became active in 1995; although drawing had always been part of her life it wasn’t until she moved to Los Angeles from Guatemala in 1990 that I was introduced to Graffiti art. She couldn’t keep her eyes from the art on the freeways, windows, poles, billboards, letters and characters telling […]

paintball street art
Paintball Street Art

When Paintball meets Street Art the end result can only be amazing! These Paintballing legends turn the graffiti world on its head using their paintball guns to create awesome street art images. Inspired by Mountain Dew these street artists carve rolling vistas of colour with their paintball guns in a space, and a world usually […]

sigla Festivalului International de Graffiti
Timisoara: Festivalul International de Graffiti 2011

Festivalul International de Graffiti este organizat de Facultatea de Arte si Design Timisoara impreuna cu Fundatia Timisoara ’89 si alti parteneri. Acest festival se va desfasura la Timisoara in perioada 15-17 septembrie 2011. Acest eveniment va fi constituit din doua sectiuni: “Sectiunea Graffiti/Street Art” si “Sectiunea de comunicari relationate cu Graffiti/Street Art”. Graffitiul va fi […]

Banksy gorilla crossover
Banksy’s Gorilla crossed over

I feel sorry for the guy that did this, but how can he not know about Banksy? :-S (via The Guardian)