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Graffiti from Istanbul

The following are taken by jsmooth995 and were posted on hip hop music dot com. Some Turkish graffiti he came by during his trip to Istanbul, Turkey last month. Thanks for sharing.

Swiss embassy car park: Banksy was there

Swiss ambassador Bruno Spinner asked a group of graffiti artists in 2001 to help deal with Switzerland’s public relations nightmare: i.e. Swiss Banks held Nazi Gold in World War II. Spinner recruited a group of graffiti artists to create new works in the Swiss embassy car park as a sort of image makeover, and the […]

Interviu Cage (OPC)

Stiu de ceva timp acest interviu si m-am gandit ca ar fi bine ca toti cei care dau (sau vor da de acum incolo) sa-l citeasca. E interesant ;) Data: 07.09.2004 Pe CAGE, il stiam de ceva ani, prima noastra intalnire fiind in cadrul unui concurs de schite. Desi nu a obtinut atunci nici un […]

Iraq: Graffiti & Soldiers

US soldiers took to Iraq not only war and pain, or peace and freedom, as you prefer to conceive the situation, but also their cultures. Graffiti as art or vandalism is natural part of contemporary US lifestyle. Different kind of inscriptions colour, vandalize and communicate on walls, tanks, jeeps, rocks. An example of soldier cultivating […]

Amazing Spray Painting – Brandon McConnell

This guy should definitely go draw some graffiti! He is Brandon McConnell from What a talent!

Banksy wall was sold: £208,100

The Banksy piece of wall I was talking about earlier this month finally sold for the incredible sum of £208,100 (275,750 euros, 407,000 dollars) on Monday, according to the results of the eBay auction. The sale on the Internet auction site attracted 69 bids, and the buyer now faces the additional charge of moving the […]

The house of Shakespeare’s Juliet is undergoing a clean-up

Thousands of notes and messages left on the walls of Juliet’s house by star-crossed lovers are to be removed in a week long £100,000 clean up operation officials have announced The spring clean will mean the house – which is the second most popular tourist attraction in Italy after the Vatican Museums and visited by […]

eBay: £1 million for a Banksy piece

This one-of-a-kind, original Banksy piece can be yours for the low, low, loooow

How to draw over an YouTube video

I just found out about an amazing web application somehow related to graffiti. We can now draw over an YouTube video! Here’s how it goes. Select the YouTube video you want to modify the copy the address from your browser. Paste this address on top of the application page, just below the Graffiti VIDAVEE logo […]