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100 Graffiti Fonts

100 free graffiti fonts to download for today. Some graffiti fonts which emulate urban graffiti styles for your designs. Downloads: 3481 times

Lansare film graffiti: Buchawrestlers

Unde Club Mushroom, strada Ion Otetelesanu, nr. 3, Bucuresti Cand vineri, 17 aprilie, ora 20:00 Intrare 10 RON

Denmark: 25th year anniversary of graffiti

As 1984 generally is seen as the year where the modern form of graffiti came to Copenhagen and Denmark with the movie Wildstyle, 2009 is suddenly the year where graffiti has its 25th year anniversary. And even the graffiti hating local Copenhagen tv station TV2 Lorry picked up this news and had a 5 minute […]

How-to: graffiti tag

Wirl, street artist finlandez, da un graffiti tag cu Liberteen. Multumiri Club Fabrica & IRLO pentru bunavointa. Un film de: Cinty Ionescu Montaj: Tudor Calnegru Productie: Cinty Ionescu & The Group Multumiri ;)

How-to: paste-up

IRLO, unul dintre cei mai prolifici street artists de la noi iti arata, pas cu pas, cum se face un paste-up si-ti spune care sunt avantajele acestuia in comparatie cu alte forme de street art. Un film de: Cinty Ionescu Montaj: Tudor Calnegru Productie: Cinty Ionescu & The Group Multumiri ;)

Video: Trolle // Siebenhaar – The Yard

This is a cool brand new video for the first track of the Trolle // Siebenhaar album called Couple Therapy. The piece it’s called The Yard. Cool music, amazing vocal and great graffiti lyrics and images. Don’t miss this one :-O (seen on

Christmas Tram in Timisoara, Romania

Christmas Tram painted by KARM, JONES and Moon Patrol in Timisoara – Romania.

Iz the Wiz

From the Style Wars 20 year anniversary DVD, here is the bonus footage with Iz the Wiz, one of the most active graffiti writers of all time.

The Reverse Graffiti Project

Street artist Paul Curtis uses a method contrary to his peers when creating his work – he cleans. Inspired during a stint working in a kitchen, he found a beautiful contrast in the clean versus dirty surfaces, and realized he could transform this chore into artistic forms. Clorox’s Green Works and Curtis teamed up recently […]

Wii Spray

The basic idea was to build a computer hardware interface which is similar to an existing analog tool. An new interface will force new experiences. Forget about keyboard and mouse: with WiiSpray we created a new human computing interface (HCI). The use of WiiSpray is similar of using a real spray can – but without […]