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The Best of Graffiti TV – volumes 1, 2 and 3

This DVD contains live footage of graffiti writers from all over the world painting legal art work and illegal tagging on the street. This edition includes the best scenes from Graffiti TV 1, 2 and 3. Here you’ll find the best in bombing, piercing, and breaking. Graffiti TV will put some fire into your DVD […]


Bast, a good Romanian writer and a well-known vandal :) Cheers mate! Added: September 14, 2006 Added: June 07, 2007

Etterbeek, Belgium: Awesome animated graffiti

I just found this awesome animated graffiti on This sequence of graffiti images can be found on a wall on the back of Etterbeek train station, Belgium. Drawings by BONOM & LORK.

Bomb it! – the movie

Bomb It!, a flick that follows countless artists all over the globe to tell the timeless tale of graffiti. Guerrilla filmmakers trail their subject from its birth in pre-historic cave paintings to its contemporary explosion on the walls of Barcelona. The cast of real-life characters runs the gamut from old school legends to current favorites, […]

Official: The Crew Lineup for the Write4Gold PreComp Romania 2007

Write4Gold Balcan PreComp 2007 Venue: Bucharest, Romania Location: Parcul Herastrau Date: 14th july 2007 Start: 10 AM Surprising act in Romania, the local organizers have decided to run a pre-competition in Bucharest on 14th of July in the Herastrau Park, the same location as last year Write4Gold Romania. This competition will be the pre-comp (NO […]

The Graffiti Project

The idea of The Graffiti Project is simple and original: take the vibrant and often transient art form of Brazilian graffiti out of its predominantly urban context and apply it to the ancient and permanent walls of an historic rural castle in Scotland – Kelburn Castle. This distinctive vision is quickly catching people’s imagination, and […]

Graffiti Calls Attention To 9/11

Political messages about 9/11 were spray-painted on two of Benton County’s trucks Monday, June 25, 2007, a day after Bentonville police began investigating graffiti on the main county courthouse and annex. Vandals used silver metallic spray paint to send the message, “9-11 Was An Inside Job,” on a Chevy Colorado and a Dodge Durango belonging […]

Advertisements have taken over any major city

The author of this video found on says: “Advertisements have taken over NYC’s streets”. I feel the need to also say this: it happens in any major city in the world! They have conquered all our towns. The same thing is happening in Bucharest (the capital city of Romania – the place where I […]

Mural to encourage graffiti ‘art’

An “urban artist” has been hired by a council to paint over youngsters’ graffiti scrawls on a wall. Andy Birch, 33, created a 30ft (9m) mural near Rhyl’s promenade as part of a drive to combat vandalism. His next job for Denbighshire Council is to paint a mural over the Ty Newydd Road foot bridge […]

Trains from Wiesbaden, Germany

Trains filmed in the last few weeks by TheRealList in and around Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, Germany.