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Designing a graffiti

Well here it’s how it is done a sketch. Then you “just” have to put in on a wall :D

Elevated Stations New York City – 1980 – part 1/3

Interesting movie! Made in 1980! Most of us weren’t even born that time :) I’ll continue posting all parts of it as they come on the net …

Romanian Graffiti – 2

Another short movie with subway Romanian graffiti.

Romanian Graffiti

Short movie with subway Romanian graffiti.

Graffiti in Peru

Well it seems that people are also doing graffiti in Peru, too :)

LA School Media Event Tagged

LA School Media Event Tagged I hope they don’t get to carried away with punishing this kid.  It seems like the city really has a lot of work to do in terms of cleaning up this whole environment.  Punishing one kid for doing something stupid will not really change anything.  Of course you probably shouldn’t… […]

SubwayGirlz – Paris / France

Location: Paris / France – subway | Date: september 19th, 2006 | 2 girls vandalizing a train :D

Lazer Tagging – Graffiti Research Lab

Lazer Tagging – Graffiti Research Lab If your in Rotterdam at the moment, get down to the Graffiti Research Labâ??s most recent offering. I got to see a sneak peak while I was at Eyebeam in New York a few weeks ago and Iâ??m really pleased to see it working so well at its current […]

Mario Chalk Art: Temporary!

This was sent in as “sweet Mario Bros graffiti“, but I don’t know, chalk? It washes off. Far too easily. Spraypaint, or even house paint considering the level of detail involved, would have been better. Maybe there were time constraints. Maybe the offending artists were 8 year-olds. Who knows. Still, that doesn’t take anything away […]