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Camden Town Underground Graffiti

Camden Town Underground Graffiti “Click this icon to see all public photos tagged with Camden Town Camden Town Click this icon to see all public photos tagged with Tube Tube Click this icon to see all public photos tagged with Northern Line Northern Line Click this icon to see all public photos tagged with London […]

Graffiti gang defaces Tube stop

LoopZilla 1 photo Graffiti gang defaces Tube stop A gang defaces an Underground station in London over the Christmas break. The London Underground is shut down on Christmas Day. Since there was no power on the tracks, the graffiti artists may have walked along the tracks from another entrance. highlighted by LoopZilla | 12/28/2006 – […]

Link Graffiti

Check out this graffiti of Zelda’s pixelated main-squeeze from Melbourne, Australia. Why doesn’t Denver get anything cool like this? Brian Crecente Original post by graffiti – Google News

Pac-Man Eats Dots, Saves Lives

Local Transportation Department officials in Buffalo, Minnesota thought painting enormous white dots on the highway would cause drivers to stop tailgating, because the dots could show just how far your car could travel in a short space of time. They didn’t, however, think of Pac-Man. Thankfully, some locals did, and had the gumption to go […]

Mass Ave. Mega Man!

I think this is my favorite bit of gamer themed street art we’ve ever posted. I like to think that this is less deliberate art than a miraculous coincidence — the sole remaining piece of a Byzantine mosaic’s millennia-spanning decay. The rusted pipes give it an air of almost Turkish squalor. Unfortunately, Etherfreak dashed my […]

Melbournian Zelda Graffiti

The Amazing Mr. Pee — a Wildeian wit — sent us this shot of some graffiti in Melbourne, New Zealand. That’s not just any Link you’re seeing there: that’s Link from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap! Mr. Pee explains: It’s actually been made out of Carlton draught beer coasters from a pub that […]

Montreal Home to Brixel Couture Graffiti Artist

Click here for full-sized version. Scott wrote in with this snap of a Mario Brothers-themed tag from the streets of Montreal. Since we are, as he pointed out, the “official repository for video game-related graffiti”. My favorite part of this piece is the way Luigi and the clouds are rendered in pseudo-pixelated fashion, using the […]

A Bit o’ Backstory on the Pac Man Graffito

Olskoolninja answered my query for information regarding the Jay, Florida Pac Man graffiti, but his evocative reminisces serve only to deepen by curiosity. What do nudists, hurricane victims and the KKK have to do with Pac Man scrawlings? I’m deeply fascinated now by what I imagine must be a very simple, and probably very boring […]

Only Pacman Remains

In the fine Kotaku tradition of game-flavored graffiti, here’s a spooky scrawl from the nearly-ghost town of Jay, Florida. If any Floridian Kotaku Scouts live nearby, perhaps they can enlighten me as to the significance of this work, if any. According to the photographer, LiveJournaler peach_salsa, this was painted on a boarded-up store window. With […]

Super Mushrooms Popping Up *Everywhere*

Hey guys, maybe this whole mushroom tagging thing is getting a little played out. Today alone we got tipped off about two separate power up mushrooms adorning very public areas. Are there that many rabid Super Mario Bros. fans out there, looking to make their mark on the world? Is Nintendo now in the business […]