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Mario Mushroom in Be’er-Sheva

Writes Kotakuite Yosubis: I found this while waiting for the red light to change. The mushroom is located in Be’er-Sheva, Israel. It’s painted on Be’er-Sheva’s HQ of one of the biggest Political Parties in Israel. The last picture is of my brother, standing next to it in order to show the size of it. I […]

Mario Graffiti Tags Sacramento

Like Mickey Mouse, Mario looks better with no vitreous humor… just pupils hovering over his face like shoebutton eyes. And nothing points out what an attractive design it is like rust-on-black relief. Random graffiti from the streets of Sacramento courtesy of Kotakuite Eric! Florian Eckhardt Original post by graffiti – Google News

N.Y. Councilman Wants Sony to Pay for Graffiti

The PSP graffiti campaign hasn’t been in the news much lately, but Queens Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. wants Sony to clean up the scribblings and then donate $20k to an anti-graffiti group, according to United Press International. A Sony spokeswoman defended the graffiti on the grounds that the drawings appeared in areas where public advertising […]

WoW Graffiti Spotted in LAX Bathroom

A friend of mine was traveling through the lovely shit hole that is Los Angeles International Airport when he was forced to make a stop in one of their scenic bathrooms in the American Airlines terminal. Much to his surprise he discovered some World of Warcraft-related grafitti scrawled on the side of one of the […]

Pissed Off Residents Paint Over PSP Ads

Man, Sony just can’t take a clue that using graffiti isn’t the best idea to reach an “urban” market. This article might slap the clue club upside the marketing people’s heads. It says, neighbors in three neighborhoods around Philadelphia have painted over the ads in anger. A city manager even says the ads are “illegal” […]

Sony Polls Gamers on PSP Graffitti

Not only has Sony fessed up to paying people to do PSP graffiti, they’re asking around now to see if it was a good idea. Good idea? You’re kidding right? The company’s Gamers Advisory Panel posted this question Tuesday afternoon: As many of you may know, PlayStation has launched a nationwide street campaign for the […]

Nintendo Turns to Graffiti Art

Don’t roll yer eyes just yet, but Nintendo of Canada has roped in the world-renowned C.O.D. graffiti crew to produce a limited edition line of DS handhelds. The C.O.D. collective consists of New York-based artists who grew up painting subway trains. The limited edition prints they’ve created reflect the look and feel of 1980’s arcade […]

Counter-Paint: Striking Back at Sony’s Viral Graffiti

The PSP graffiti that Sony wasn’t talking about earned mention at Wired. Finally, something more than just idle bitching, Wired snapped pics (see image) of people tagging over Sony’s desperate, stupid marketing ploy. Sony finally loosened its lips on the whole fiasco, opening up a little bit to Wired. Spokeswoman Molly Smith offered the following: […]