PimpArtworks logoPimpArtworks is a brand new online art website dedicated to Urban & Street Art, both traditional and digital types.

Five months after the site has gone live, PimpArtworks are proud to launch their new Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered prints section, which showcases exclusive works by Street Artists from around the world.

The new section which will be ran side next to the site’s current Open Submission art community, which in its own right has already undeniable introduced and exposed talents that otherwise would be unheard of through conventional urban art world exhibiting methods.

In a recent review by Computer Arts magazine, the newly born PimpArtworks Open Submission platform even manages to stand its ground against the likes of the big corporate sites, including Behance and Flickr.

PimpArtworks states

„Leaving the platform as a print on demand concept would frankly just be a waste. This was never the plan.

Our approach has always been to simply break down the normal domineering red tape put in front of creative talents trying to get out there, and simply act as an interaction between themselves and their appreciative audience.”

PimpArtworks want to reach out to a brand new audience past what the established bricks & mortar galleries may only manage to attract and offer a very exclusive but affordable collection.

Their artist line up includes the likes of Lora Zombie, Eyeformation, Stereoflow, Hutch, KIWIE, id-iom, TOSCO and many more. Check them out for yourself at pimpartworks.com.