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BOMB IT launches on Babelgum

Independent web and mobile video content platform Babelgum is offering director John Reiss’ film documentary about the history of the international graffiti scene, BOMB IT, free-to-view online exclusively on Babelgum’s site. The full-length documentary, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and has screened at over 20 other festivals including Full Frame Doc Fest, will […]

Upcoming book: Subway World / Graffiti on Trains

Subway World: Graffiti on Trains Subway World is an upcoming book about graffiti on subway trains all over the world. What started in New York in the seventies has become an worldwide artform with thousands of artists. The tradition of using subway cars as canvases has been preserved and has become an integrated part of […]

DJ LP la Ego Bar

Unde: Brasov – Str. Muresenilor, nr. 3 Cand: 05/09/2009 Cat: intrare gratuita

Street art on Google Maps

Nice way to see more street art! Use Google Maps ;)

Snowboard: “From ROMANIA with LOVE” / teaser

Movie production BLICKINSFREIE presents its newest project “From ROMANIA with LOVE”. Andy Fazekas a young student from Sibiu in Romania could probably never imagine that a present what he got from his German relatives in 1984 would have such a big impact on the youth in communistic Romania. A short time later he was appointed […]

Dj LP canta in Ego Bar

Unde: Ego Bar, Muresenilor nr. 3, Brasov Cand: sambata, 25 iulie 2009, incepand cu ora 21:00 Cat: FREE

Agregatu’ de 4 Elemente 2009

URBANART si COLOR CLASH prezinta AGREGATU’ DE 4 ELEMENTE Data: 1 august 2009 Ora: 13:00 Locatie: Bucuresti, Parcul Herastrau, Intrarea principala (din Charles de Gaulle) Movement: Graffiti – Bboyin’ – Mcin’ – Djin’ ZULU NATION ROMANIA – After event GRAFFITI BATTLE Start (10:00) – Finish (18:00) Data: 1 august 2009 Locatie: Parcul Herastrau, Intrarea principala […]

Live mini-session de arta urbana, la Universitate

Mountain Dew organizeaza cel mai tare live mini-session de arta urbana, joi, 23 iulie, la Universitate, sub umbrela “Agregatu’ de 4 Elemente”. Cultura hip-hop va fi prezenta in Bucuresti mai mult ca oricand vara aceasta, deoarece Mountain Dew va agrega si in 2009 patru elemente de graffiti, break dance, MC si DJ pentru tine. Vrei […]

Mountain Dew Urban Fest 5

Urban Fest 5 Cand: 25 iulie 2009 Unde: in Skate Park Herastrau Ce: concurs de role