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Drawing Tips: How to Draw Graffiti Letters

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Drawing graffiti letters can be done in hundreds of different ways, but drawing on graph paper helps the letters stay to scale, and using a brush pen creates a flared effect. Draw a few different types of graffiti letters with a demonstration from an experienced artist and art supply store employee in this free video on drawing.

27 replies to "Drawing Tips: How to Draw Graffiti Letters"

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  1. Carlos says:

    Best video i ever seen

    Carlos Blue

  2. Zrowny says:


    Zach, Blue

  3. noelle11795 says:

    thats tight

    Noelle red

  4. rabihzein says:

    hey there… i know it will be cool

    Rabih Zein

  5. ant_baca says:

    Hecka sick

    can you draw my name in graffitti

    Baca 25

  6. GangBoy says:

    so cool graffities

    Boki Black

  7. Kaela says:

    Cool video

  8. Kaela says:

    cool video
    kaela blue and black

  9. ashton says:

    i go by ashley and my fav color is purple and yellow

  10. Randall Miller says:

    My name is Randall Miller, and if it isnt too much, i like neon colors, but if it is, i like light green.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Carlitos Blue,black,white

  12. WeZo says:

    WeZo , Black, Red

  13. juan says:

    juan and my favorite color is red&black

  14. Chante says:


    Chante (Green n Blue)

  15. Anonymous says:

    my name is HUNTER
    my fav. color is yellow

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. Alex….black,yellow

  18. Kat says:

    Kat, Pink & Blue

  19. Blesssayy . says:

    heyy , do my name :] lolsss .
    Blessie . & my favorite color is purple :p

  20. nora says:


  21. Monica says:

    My fav colors are green and blue my name is monica Barsoum

  22. hunter says:

    AWESOME!!!!! Hunter (A GIRL)!, neon colors

  23. Keisha My Love says:

    this was cool

  24. Brandon, BLue says:


  25. Brandon says:


    Brandon, red black

  26. emz xoxo says:

    this is so cool can u do it in pencil first