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Banksy – The street artist in action

Awesome documentary with (the already legend) Banksy.

Anthony Damet & Derek Leitch

Watch a time-lapse music video of professional graffiti artists Anthony Damet (he was arrested and did time in a bootcamp) and Derek Leitch at work. Now Damet has his works sold by Echo, Converse, Coke. Video: Eugene Garcia at The Orange County Register (thanks for sharing Eugene ;) Music: Thoughtsarizen of Simple Thoughts & SoundDaddy […]

25 years graffiti girl struck by train in Köln

Another graffiti tragedy, a 25 years old woman was struck by an S-Bahn train in Cologne. As the police publicist said, the woman and her 20 years old companion entered the station Köln-Nippes at midnight. There, they painted a 23 sq-meter large graffiti on an S-Bahn train. A 25 years old women who did graffiti […]

Chicago street art – January, 2008

We bring you a series of 4 photo sessions taken on various Chicago street locations – January, 2008. Music by Omul cu Sobolani – ‘700 km in aer’ Suie Paparude – ‘Incantatie’ Enjoy ;)

Two graffiti artists drown in Sydney

Two Australian graffiti artists drowned when a flash storm swept them along a drain they had been spray painting in Sydney before trapping them at its barred ocean outlet, police said. A third graffiti artist, who remained conscious during the ordeal, managed to squeeze himself through the bars and into the ocean where he was […]

Graffiti: Discontents Under Pressure

I found today an excellent graffiti essay that was put online by Roy Christopher. Some paragraphs of the article: One of the major things that differentiates the human species from all other species on Earth is our ability to externalize subjective memory. To write things down. To store and exchange ideas outside of our brains. […]

Mexico prevents graffiti by encouraging it

The outer walls of El Estadio Azteca, one of the largest sporting events stadium in the world, are Cleaning this massive stadium must be an incredibly big job, so I guess after forty years of scrubbing graffiti off the walls, officials figured, “If you can’t beat them, join them”. “A graffiti contest with the aim […]