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Banksy shows film in Berlin

Banksy, the secretive British artist whose work has appeared on city streets around the world, said on Sunday he hoped his documentary film “Exit Through The Gift Shop” will raise the standing of urban art. But the anonymous graffiti artist with a cult following said in a shadowy video message to audiences at the Berlin […]

Tats Cru Interview

JunkieTV interview with Tats Cru and talks about the graffiti culture, how it changed their business/services that are offered to the public. Tats Cru also have a blog!

Graffiti art in Chicago

Augor, Pose, Ewok, Jaes & Enue of Team Ironlak show off their skills at various places in Chicago in the video above. It’s always good to see masters at work creating some enormous pieces all off a single sketch of loose leaf paper! It definitely adds some character to a plain solid gray wall; I […]

Legal graffiti on TGV train!

Thalys, the European company providing TGV trains between Paris, Bruxelles and Amsterdam, decides to customize one of the trains, inviting SozyOne (Bruxelles), Jonone (Paris), Zedz (Amsterdam) and Seak (Cologne). It’s one of the really few times that graffiti artists are allowed (and paid) to burn metal and it happened yesterday at Gare du Nord, Paris. […]

BOMB IT launches on Babelgum

Independent web and mobile video content platform Babelgum is offering director John Reiss’ film documentary about the history of the international graffiti scene, BOMB IT, free-to-view online exclusively on Babelgum’s site. The full-length documentary, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and has screened at over 20 other festivals including Full Frame Doc Fest, will […]

Street art on Google Maps

Nice way to see more street art! Use Google Maps ;)