9 ian. 2008

Wikiffiti: Wiki-speak Graffiti


A Wiki-like graffiti showed up in New York's subway. It's "Wikiffiti" from Bekathwia at Flickr. The system is borrowed from [...]

Wikiffiti: Wiki-speak Graffiti2008-01-09T12:33:38+02:00
29 nov. 2007

Stockholm Subway Stories


This is strictly for the hardcore graffiti artists out there. A movie-clip from ''Stockholm Subway Stories'' provided by Laks Erik [...]

Stockholm Subway Stories2007-11-29T12:57:44+02:00
26 nov. 2007

Whole Train


That's what I call teamwork :D And a bonus: they also used spray cans in both hands to paint this [...]

Whole Train2007-11-26T18:45:58+02:00
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