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Concurs: La Métropole d’Aérosol

10 Mai in SKATE PARK Herastrau are loc prima editie a concursului de graffiti, La Métropole d’Aérosol! Premii diverse, Lowridere, LIVE DRAWING Pisica Patrata – demonstratie street art, writeri talentati si multe culori, incepand cu ora 14:00.

LA Graffiti Girls

This is a video promoting the new graffiti site LA Graffiti Girls. The site features graffiti from the Los Angeles, female graffiti writers. LA Graffiti Girls is Tiffany Evans and La Dawna Wert from California State University Long Beach. It’s a blog project dedicated to the influence of female graffiti writers in Los Angeles street […]

Banksy’s artwork protected FROM GRAFFITI with frame

A new outdoor ‘artwork’ by the graffiti artist Banksy has been framed by residents in order to protect it FROM GRAFFITI. At least 20 households are thought to have clubbed together to buy the £30 glass and wooden frame to save the mural being “defaced by common criminals”. They paid another £20 to a local […]

How-to: graffiti tag

Wirl, street artist finlandez, da un graffiti tag cu Liberteen. Multumiri Club Fabrica & IRLO pentru bunavointa. Un film de: Cinty Ionescu Montaj: Tudor Calnegru Productie: Cinty Ionescu & The Group Multumiri ;)

How-to: paste-up

IRLO, unul dintre cei mai prolifici street artists de la noi iti arata, pas cu pas, cum se face un paste-up si-ti spune care sunt avantajele acestuia in comparatie cu alte forme de street art. Un film de: Cinty Ionescu Montaj: Tudor Calnegru Productie: Cinty Ionescu & The Group Multumiri ;)

Graffiti from Macedonia

I just received today a link to YouTube from one of our visitors. Here it is :) Thanks for sharing it with us!

Aeroart nr. 3 – STENCIL

Aeroart #3 are ca tema “Stencilul Romanesc”. Realizata de SY79 in colaborare cu Moon Patrol, aceasta cuprinde: Stencil Exhibition A-Camp 2008 Strazile din Romania Artisti: Coate Goale, The Orion, Otaku, Moon Patrol, Baldovin, Kretzuh, Barto, K, Uk, SY79 DOWNLOAD ENGLISH VERSION -> here Downloadeaza varianta in romana aici sau aici. Sursa: Aeroart

Echipele alese pentru Sprite Hardstyle 2008 Romania

Sesiunea de inscrieri pentru Sprite Hardstyle 2008 Romania a luat sfarsit! Echipele “alese” sunt: JCK (Apoe, Bere, Biex, Clif, Nesk) DH4 (Sectu, Canos, Reck) EPC Gangbangers Crew OPC (Cage, Ac, Zeke) PBD (BASK, SHAO, MONK, DIEGO, NEV, SOFIE) PENGUINS R.A.T.S (MIRK, MORFO, SWEZ) HELLO Concursul incepe pe 2 august, la 10:00, in Skatepark Herastrau, fiecare […]

Au inceput inscrierile pentru Sprite Hardstyle 2008 – Romania

Calendarul evenimentelor H2O de vara aceasta striga: concursul “Sprite Hardstyle” !!! Evenimentul are loc pe 2 august 2008, ora 15:00, in Skatepark din Herastrau. Grafferii stiu deja: concurs de graffiti avand acelasi concept ca un concurs mare! Vor exista 9 echipe a cate 3 pana la 10 grafferi. Fiecare echipa va avea la dispozitie intre […]