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Bere bombing Ploiesti

Bere (translated ‘Beer’, also a good and known graffiti writer from Romania) is bombing Ploiesti. Keep it up :) Thanks Brioshe.


Bast, a good Romanian writer and a well-known vandal :) Cheers mate! Added: September 14, 2006 Added: June 07, 2007

Standings: Write4Gold Balcan PreComp 2007

The final standings in the Write4Gold Balcan PreComp 2007 are: 3. FWK’S (Bucharest/ROM) 2. DH4 Crew (Bucharest/ROM) 1. GB Crew (Brasov/ROM) Congrats to all participants and we wish you “Good Luck” in the next year’s competition! [ You can see all photos taken by Geo at this event by visiting our Graffiti Gallery ]

Official: The Crew Lineup for the Write4Gold PreComp Romania 2007

Write4Gold Balcan PreComp 2007 Venue: Bucharest, Romania Location: Parcul Herastrau Date: 14th july 2007 Start: 10 AM Surprising act in Romania, the local organizers have decided to run a pre-competition in Bucharest on 14th of July in the Herastrau Park, the same location as last year Write4Gold Romania. This competition will be the pre-comp (NO […]

Advertising si street art

Videoclip gasit pe Iqads

Mountain Dew Urban Fest 2007

Incepe Mountain Dew Urban Fest 2007! Concurs international de graffiti – Write4Gold, la a doua etapa in Romania! Cel mai popular concurs de graffiti din lume – Write4Gold da startul celei de-a treia editie a festivalului Mountain Dew Urban Fest, sambata 14 iulie in Parcul Herastrau! Write4Gold este o competitie profesionista de arta graffiti care […]

FânFest 2007

A venit momentul sa vorbim din nou despre FânFest, de aceasta data despre FânFest 2007 si sa va anuntam ca “da”, festivalul are loc si in acest an in ultimul week-end din august. Asa ca intre 24 si 26 august va asteptam cu mic cu mare la Rosia Montana pentru cel mai mare eveniment de […]

Advertisements have taken over any major city

The author of this video found on says: “Advertisements have taken over NYC’s streets”. I feel the need to also say this: it happens in any major city in the world! They have conquered all our towns. The same thing is happening in Bucharest (the capital city of Romania – the place where I […]