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How to draw over an YouTube video

I just found out about an amazing web application somehow related to graffiti. We can now draw over an YouTube video! Here’s how it goes. Select the YouTube video you want to modify the copy the address from your browser. Paste this address on top of the application page, just below the Graffiti VIDAVEE logo […]

Graffiti Project

This is a short documentary I made for class. I follow two members of a graffiti crew called DDM. This short doc follows a one night adventure into the east side of Austin, TX. This is their story. [via Docubloggers]

Stockholm Subway Stories

This is strictly for the hardcore. A movie-clip from ”Stockholm Subway Stories”. Enjoy.

Comi – Germany

Nice style on a train in Germany. His tag is Comi. Keep on writing man ;)

Braille graffiti

Scott Wayne Indiana takes public art to new level with braille graffiti. The idea is to put pieces of braille graffiti around here and there as stand alone pieces or as descriptions of sighted graffiti. It’s to add a little something interesting to everyday things like handrails and the backs of signs. It’s also something […]