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Amazing Spray Painting – Brandon McConnell

This guy should definitely go draw some graffiti! He is Brandon McConnell from What a talent!

Banksy – The street artist in action

Awesome documentary with (the already legend) Banksy.

Anthony Damet & Derek Leitch

Watch a time-lapse music video of professional graffiti artists Anthony Damet (he was arrested and did time in a bootcamp) and Derek Leitch at work. Now Damet has his works sold by Echo, Converse, Coke. Video: Eugene Garcia at The Orange County Register (thanks for sharing Eugene ;) Music: Thoughtsarizen of Simple Thoughts & SoundDaddy […]

Chicago street art – January, 2008

We bring you a series of 4 photo sessions taken on various Chicago street locations – January, 2008. Music by Omul cu Sobolani – ‘700 km in aer’ Suie Paparude – ‘Incantatie’ Enjoy ;)

Rooftop Legends

Here is a cool video highlighting some graffiti artists at New Design High School. Rooftop Legends is an event held at the New Design High School in New York City.