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22 septembrie 2007 – “Nopti albe cu graffiti”

22 septembrie 2007 ora 14:00 Piata Constitutiei Bucuresti, Romania Un eveniment RULEZ.

New site: – graffiti paintings for sale

A new site is coming up and we’re welcoming it since it is a graffiti paintings one. Vlad (24 years old), Laur (23 years old), Flo (22 years old) and Zoly (22 years old) are painting with spray cans on shiny paper. You can find them and also buy their products at SprayART site. Here […]

Bere – Romanian graffiti writer

A series of 3 short action movies with Bere, a Romanian graffiti writer.

An old bomb action in Bucharest – Romania

Even tho it’s an old one … it’s good to see it one more time.

Centrul de Dans: Sinboy, Ripo si Obes

Maine, 08 august, ora 19:00, la Centrul de Dans (sub Motoare) va fie un show cu Sinboy, Ripo si Obes. Evenimentul se va derula pana pe 31 august 2007. Merci pentru anunt Brioshe si pentru informatia suplimentara Sinboy ;)

Wholetrain 2007 – Bucharest

wholetrain 2007 – Derick / Fear / Ritmo / Erps / Licse / Serm wholetrain 2007 – bgs crew – banos, mozes, rokkoThanks Brioshe for the movies and for the updates too :)


Bast, a good Romanian writer and a well-known vandal :) Cheers mate! Added: September 14, 2006 Added: June 07, 2007

Standings: Write4Gold Balcan PreComp 2007

The final standings in the Write4Gold Balcan PreComp 2007 are: 3. FWK’S (Bucharest/ROM) 2. DH4 Crew (Bucharest/ROM) 1. GB Crew (Brasov/ROM) Congrats to all participants and we wish you “Good Luck” in the next year’s competition! [ You can see all photos taken by Geo at this event by visiting our Graffiti Gallery ]