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Write4Gold 2005 European Finals

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… and the winner is FRANCE!

400 Molotow Cans goes to FRANCE! after a very special german final with 4 burner walls convert in the topic “represent” the european final on saturday start with rain. During the day the sun was burning and finally we could distinguish the winner from Paris, the OCT Crew France! 2nd place to the PNC Crew from Hungary and the 3rd was divided in the SFN Crew from Greece and the CHOSEN FEW from Germany!

But it wasn’t a clearly decision of the jury, there was 15 burner walls of the topic “write4gold”, we didnt see it before at a write4gold event, for real …

The jury, at example Bates ask us “… hey guys, how we should decide the winner?, in this place the walls are burning so hot, i never seen it before in your competition, the italian wall at example, fucking good!”.

Jury European Finals:

* Bas2 (GHS) from Berlin (Germany)
* Kacao77 (TNB) from Berlin (Germany)
* Rew (Kreuzberg) from Berlin (Germany)
* Smash137 (GTK/MWT) from Basel (Switzerland)
* Bates (AIO) from Copenhagen (DenmarK)
* Kent(TNB) from Frankfurt (Germany)

So …

1. OCT/DC Crew (Paris/France): Persu, Skey, Yoda, Mask
2. PNC Crew (Budapest/Hungary): Tish, Bazer, Bif, Emer, Fobia, Syztem
3. SFN Crew (Thessaloniki/Greece): Noone, Gotza, Karma, Nade, Sanka
Chosen Few (Heidelberg/Germany): Stereo, Ojey, Fred, Agony, Gusto

Respect to all the crews who participated in the Write4Gold”s competition 2005! PEACE!

::: News item courtesy of Write4Gold.

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