Bulgarian seaside town of Tsarevo hosts an international graffiti festival titled ‘Meeting of Styles’, the press center of the Municipality of Tsarevo informed.

It is the third time the Meeting is coming down to Bulgaria, only now gurus in the genre, such as the Germans SAT ONE and HERAKUT, DRAN of France as well as DIBONE and OKUDA from Spain are expected. At this year’s Meeting, more than 35 artists, including 15 foreign guests from Spain, Germany, France, Greece and Romania, will meet their styles in one graffiti drawing. The idea is for all drawings to merge into one. This time the uniting element is a fishing net. The main idea is to be popularized the street culture giving the chance to graffiti artists to create together rearranging the surroundings for one better view.

The crews that will be arrive are: DMV (France), DRAN (France), DIBONE (Spain), SATONE (Germany), SAN (Spain), LIVE2 (Greece), SEAK (Germany), ECB (Germany) and HERA & AUK (Germany).

The graffiti will be made on May 24 and 25 on a long wall near the road. The party will be guaranteed with nice music and drinks. The event is open for all fans of the street culture.

The Meeting of Styles originated from the city of Wiesbaden, Central Germany as a local slaughterhouse closed down in the early 90’s. The builing was soon raided by graffiti fans, who could freely indulge in their art on thousands of square metres. Every summer since 1997 on, graffiti artist would meet up there. In 2001, however, the old slaughterhouse was demolished. But only a year later the Meeting of Styles was born. ‘Meeting of Styles’ is an international festival that take place in 22 countries round the world from six years already. Thumbs up!