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Project: Crowdsourced Exhibit, Street Art Worldwide

On March 04, 2011 GOOD announced “Project: Crowdsourced Exhibit, Street Art Worldwide”. The winning entry will be announced on on March 31, featured on their homepage, and printed in the next issue of GOOD. They’ll also send a GOOD T-shirt and a free subscription (or gift subscription) to the winner. We wish you all […]

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Romanian Papergirl

Papergirl este un proiect de arta initiat in 2006, in Berlin, de Aisha Ronniger. In stilul baietilor care distribuie ziare in SUA, lucrari de arta sunt rulate si distribuite de pe bicicleta pe strada, in mod aleator, trecatorilor. Oricine poate sa participe! Intre timp, proiectul a fost adoptat si de alte orase din lume: Albany-NY, […]

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