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MadC went Transparent

MadC did another great piece, with Molotow Premium Transparent colors only! (Molotow Fatcap, Molotow Skinny, Signal Black Transparent, Signal White Transparent, Telemagenta Transparent, Shockblue Transparent, Violett Transparent, Dare Orange Transparent, Melon Yellow Transparent) Check all the photos here! Artist: MadC (Germany) Product Review: Molotow™ Transparent Colors Produced by: Joop Flack & Paul Heide / […]

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MadC: 700Wall Graffiti Project

One Wall – One Concept – One Writer MadC is known for massive and detailed concept walls. This year she is going to break her own record and paint her biggest and most elaborate concept wall ever. Just herself, without help. The object: a gigantic 639 m2 wall involving her characters and styles. She has […]

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