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Interview with graffiti legend Sket One

Sket One is a visual artist with an old school urban background. A Connecticut based graffiti artist and founder of the Bode Jam. Sket One, has designed toys for such toymaker heavyweights as Kaching Brands, MINDstyle, Kidrobot, Wheaty Wheat, Red Magic, Circus Punks, and more. We met at Miami Art Basel this past year and […]

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Tats Cru Interview

JunkieTV interview with Tats Cru and talks about the graffiti culture, how it changed their business/services that are offered to the public. Tats Cru also have a blog!

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Interviu Cage (OPC)

Stiu de ceva timp acest interviu si m-am gandit ca ar fi bine ca toti cei care dau (sau vor da de acum incolo) sa-l citeasca. E interesant ;) Data: 07.09.2004 Pe CAGE, il stiam de ceva ani, prima noastra intalnire fiind in cadrul unui concurs de schite. Desi nu a obtinut atunci nici un […]

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