20 Jun 2007

blue on blue rye bomb


blue on blue rye bombrye4graff1 min 9 sec - Jun 20, 2007different shades of blue and red outline!Original post by [...]

blue on blue rye bomb2007-06-20T16:04:02+02:00
20 Jun 2007

Tagging Up Denver


Tagging Up DenverTheLatestWord4 min 50 sec - Jun 20, 2007The city's aerosol junkies are in the spotlight. Read the feature [...]

Tagging Up Denver2007-06-20T16:03:21+02:00
20 Jun 2007

Cerberus “Medieval Facelift” Graff Reprod


Cerberus "Medieval Facelift" Graff Reprodfurrtek1 min 39 sec - Jun 20, 2007Cerberus gracefully gave us the authorization to reproduce his [...]

Cerberus “Medieval Facelift” Graff Reprod2007-06-20T15:58:15+02:00
20 Jun 2007

spurer stencil


spurer stenciln1ce866 min 22 sec - Jun 20, 2007i'am doing a canvasOriginal post by n1ce86

spurer stencil2007-06-20T15:33:59+02:00
20 Jun 2007

Dollhouse at SXSW!


Dollhouse at SXSW!dollhouse20072 min 17 sec - Jun 20, 2007Dollhouse sponsored the annual SXSW after party presented by Jane Magazine. [...]

Dollhouse at SXSW!2007-06-20T15:27:15+02:00
20 Jun 2007

perk bomb


perk bombperkgraff15 sec - Jun 20, 20071st go lol just a thowy!Original post by perkgraff

perk bomb2007-06-20T15:05:07+02:00
20 Jun 2007



stencilingmustardgravy46 sec - Jun 20, 20073d, animasjon, stencils, graffitiOriginal post by mustardgravy

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