20 iun. 2007

ISA-IQ spaghetti-bombing


ISA-IQ spaghetti-bombingsmbmadness1 min 36 sec - Jun 21, 2007Fast can-control, insane! :oOriginal post by smbmadness

ISA-IQ spaghetti-bombing2007-06-20T21:35:50+02:00
20 iun. 2007

ryze graffiti on a water tower


ryze graffiti on a water towerRYZERamk9 sec - Jun 21, 2007footage of a water tower i paintedOriginal post by RYZERamk

ryze graffiti on a water tower2007-06-20T21:28:09+02:00
20 iun. 2007

writer surallo


writer surallokartone852 min 30 sec - Jun 21, 2007l 'opera d' arte x il compleanno di zini....Original post by kartone85

writer surallo2007-06-20T21:19:50+02:00
20 iun. 2007

taggers #2


taggers #2etwproductions42 sec - Jun 21, 2007real training video for taggers.Original post by etwproductions

taggers #22007-06-20T21:13:28+02:00
20 iun. 2007

G scale graffiti on hopper car


G scale graffiti on hopper carOG4LYFEYungD29 sec - Jun 21, 2007yea i kno, its not that great but G scale [...]

G scale graffiti on hopper car2007-06-20T20:48:36+02:00
20 iun. 2007

wome dst


wome dstwomedst6 min 9 sec - Jun 21, 2007graffitiOriginal post by womedst

wome dst2007-06-20T20:29:58+02:00
20 iun. 2007

Pure Bred Graffiti Writers


Pure Bred Graffiti Writersjoeyyd0938 min 21 sec - Jun 21, 2007J.D.S MON PRODUCTION-NO.ONE,ECH.TWO,FEC,KYE THIS IS JUST THE PREVIEWOriginal post by [...]

Pure Bred Graffiti Writers2007-06-20T19:54:08+02:00
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