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Etterbeek, Belgium: Awesome animated graffiti

I just found this awesome animated graffiti on This sequence of graffiti images can be found on a wall on the back of Etterbeek train station, Belgium. Drawings by BONOM & LORK.

Bomb it! – the movie

Bomb It!, a flick that follows countless artists all over the globe to tell the timeless tale of graffiti. Guerrilla filmmakers trail their subject from its birth in pre-historic cave paintings to its contemporary explosion on the walls of Barcelona. The cast of real-life characters runs the gamut from old school legends to current favorites, […]

Standings: Write4Gold Balcan PreComp 2007

The final standings in the Write4Gold Balcan PreComp 2007 are: 3. FWK’S (Bucharest/ROM) 2. DH4 Crew (Bucharest/ROM) 1. GB Crew (Brasov/ROM) Congrats to all participants and we wish you “Good Luck” in the next year’s competition! [ You can see all photos taken by Geo at this event by visiting our Graffiti Gallery ]

New book: Los Angeles Graffiti

Interview with POWER, Roger Gastman & Sonja Teri Page Count: 128 Size: 8 1/4 x 10 inches Format: Paperback Publication Date: July 2007 Price: $27.95 Category: Street Graphics and Urban Art, Popular Culture Graffiti makes us think of cities. Urban denizens are used to seeing ink and paint scrawled and plastered on trains, buses and […]

Urban Funke – Barcelona, Spain

Urban Funke 2007 took place this year on June 29 and 30 in Barcelona. The weather was perfect and the energy was as chill as can be when you’ve got a bunch of graffiti artists, street-ballers and skateboarders running around! On top of Montjuïc, with the Palau Nacional as the backdrop, the event’s location was […]

Official: The Crew Lineup for the Write4Gold PreComp Romania 2007

Write4Gold Balcan PreComp 2007 Venue: Bucharest, Romania Location: Parcul Herastrau Date: 14th july 2007 Start: 10 AM Surprising act in Romania, the local organizers have decided to run a pre-competition in Bucharest on 14th of July in the Herastrau Park, the same location as last year Write4Gold Romania. This competition will be the pre-comp (NO […]

Advertising si street art

Videoclip gasit pe Iqads

Mountain Dew Urban Fest 2007

Incepe Mountain Dew Urban Fest 2007! Concurs international de graffiti – Write4Gold, la a doua etapa in Romania! Cel mai popular concurs de graffiti din lume – Write4Gold da startul celei de-a treia editie a festivalului Mountain Dew Urban Fest, sambata 14 iulie in Parcul Herastrau! Write4Gold este o competitie profesionista de arta graffiti care […]

FânFest 2007

A venit momentul sa vorbim din nou despre FânFest, de aceasta data despre FânFest 2007 si sa va anuntam ca “da”, festivalul are loc si in acest an in ultimul week-end din august. Asa ca intre 24 si 26 august va asteptam cu mic cu mare la Rosia Montana pentru cel mai mare eveniment de […]

The Graffiti Project

The idea of The Graffiti Project is simple and original: take the vibrant and often transient art form of Brazilian graffiti out of its predominantly urban context and apply it to the ancient and permanent walls of an historic rural castle in Scotland – Kelburn Castle. This distinctive vision is quickly catching people’s imagination, and […]