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Molotow TV live from Australia featuring Write4Gold – Melbourne

Molotow TV introduce you to Lady Pois, Nish from Adelaide, the Write4Gold Australia 2007, what happen at the Molotow Masters so far, the Voltures Team, Melbourne Steel and Bills Bollboards. A big thank you to Joske Films Melbourne! Enjoy the show! Australia Chapter 1: Molotow TV Intro, Lady Pois Australia Chapter 2: Nish introduce Adelaide […]

Revista Blana – numarul 2

Sambata, 16 februarie, la Victoria Cine Cafe in Cluj-Napoca 19:00-22:30: graffiti demo, coffee and tea, lectura numarului 2 al revistei Blana 22:30-23:00: vizionarea filmului White Lines in sala mare a cinema Victoria 23:00-dimineata: party cu Electroclown si Jaheyo, proiectii filme de snowboard, skateboard si mountain-bike

Interviu Cage (OPC)

Stiu de ceva timp acest interviu si m-am gandit ca ar fi bine ca toti cei care dau (sau vor da de acum incolo) sa-l citeasca. E interesant ;) Data: 07.09.2004 Pe CAGE, il stiam de ceva ani, prima noastra intalnire fiind in cadrul unui concurs de schite. Desi nu a obtinut atunci nici un […]

Youth Program Promotes Graffiti

Graf writers in Venice Beach as part of Cal State – Northridge youth program, MOSAIC ( and Positive Alternatives for Youth ( collabo. The event promoted graffiti as art. Credit goes to Josue who shot the video and the artists.

Stockholm Live (full movie)

Soundtrack The Prodigy – Their Law Kool G Rap – My Life (Instrumental) Gangstarr – Who got Gunz Onyx – Last Dayz (Instrumental) Mobb Deep – Shook ones (Instrumental) 50 Cent – Fuck You The Prodigy – Babys got a temper (Instrumental) Gangstarr – Next Time (Instrumental) Gangstarr – Speak Ya Clout Wu Tang Clan […]

Dell Regeneration/Graffiti Facebook Contest winners announced

After 7,303 amazing entries and over ONE MILLION votes, you can see the top 150 submissions. We were blown away by this contest and the extent to which everyone rallied behind our environment. In the final round, judges will decide which of these top graffiti are the winners in each category. Thanks to everyone for […]

‘Style Wars’ – the best graffiti art documentary of all times

If you haven’t seen the best graffiti art documentary of all times or if its been years since you saw it last, kick back, relax and watch this masterpiece uploaded on our site. Credits Presented by Tony Silver & Henry Chalfant. A production of (c) 1983 Public Art Films Inc. (a non-proffit organization), all rights […]