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Counter-Paint: Striking Back at Sony’s Viral Graffiti

The PSP graffiti that Sony wasn’t talking about earned mention at Wired. Finally, something more than just idle bitching, Wired snapped pics (see image) of people tagging over Sony’s desperate, stupid marketing ploy. Sony finally loosened its lips on the whole fiasco, opening up a little bit to Wired. Spokeswoman Molly Smith offered the following: […]

Green Screen Graffiti

Green Screen Graffiti eman 3 min 17 sec – Nov 15, 2005 DIrected by: This is a content summary only. Visit our graffiti site for full links, other content, and more! Original post by eman

Write4Gold 2005 European Finals

… and the winner is FRANCE! 400 Molotow Cans goes to FRANCE! after a very special german final with 4 burner walls convert in the topic “represent” the european final on saturday start with rain. During the day the sun was burning and finally we could distinguish the winner from Paris, the OCT Crew France! […]

Graff Jam

Graff Jamasso 4/37 min 52 sec – Nov 23, 2004 a documentary about european graffiti artists in a graffiti jam (paint performance) Original post by asso 4/3