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MAGEFA: First Israeli Graffiti Publication

We’re happy to announce that the first Israeli graffiti and street magazine, MAGEFA, just dropped in Tel-Aviv. MAGEFA in Hebrew stands for Epidemic, and the new mag contains pieces from the most well-known artists up on the streets of Tel-Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem, including: Know Hope, Zero Cents, Dase, Asix, Bame, Sorie, and Klone. Not […]

Aeroart nr. 3 – STENCIL

Aeroart #3 are ca tema “Stencilul Romanesc”. Realizata de SY79 in colaborare cu Moon Patrol, aceasta cuprinde: Stencil Exhibition A-Camp 2008 Strazile din Romania Artisti: Coate Goale, The Orion, Otaku, Moon Patrol, Baldovin, Kretzuh, Barto, K, Uk, SY79 DOWNLOAD ENGLISH VERSION -> here Downloadeaza varianta in romana aici sau aici. Sursa: Aeroart


This video was shot at Fall Fashion Week 2007 for Da Movement. It features the Tats Cru, and was edited by NYC LASE and shot by Mikey (Kings of New York). For more info please visit:

Iz the Wiz

From the Style Wars 20 year anniversary DVD, here is the bonus footage with Iz the Wiz, one of the most active graffiti writers of all time.

“Agregatu’ de 4 elemente” – Graffiti Battle

Start (9:00) – Finish (18:00) Data: 16 august 2008 Locatie: Parcul Herastrau, intrarea principala (Charles de Gaulle) Premii: 2500 Euro Juriu: International (Germania, Austria, Franta) Crew-urile selectate sunt: PBD; OPC & EPC; DH4; OILERS; LOS MOLOSZ; STAR TREK; 400 ML Crew; GBS si JCK. Participantii sunt rugati sa se prezinte maine incepind cu ora 9:00 […]

Program “Agregatu’ de 4 elemente”

A fost afisat si programul “Agregatu’ de 4 elemente” (multumiri Cage ;) pentru mesaj): ROMROCK: 16 august 2008 Ora: 13:00 Locatie: Bucuresti, Parcul Herastrau, Intrarea principala(Charles de Gaulle) Juriu: in curand Dj: Spdy Host: Brugner & Dragonu Floor: Summer Hazard like Premii Finala Crew: Cash (1000 Euro) Best “Uprock-Footwork”: Voucher (250 Euro) Best “Bgirl”: Voucher […]

Agregatu’ de 4elemente

Sambata, 16 august 2008, la intrarea in parcul Herastrau – “AGREGATU’ DE 4 ELEMENTE”. Concurs de graffiti, B-Boying battle, concert Zale. Inscrieri pentru graffiti se fac la cu numele echipei si 3 poze. Edit: Fotografii de la eveniment puteti gasi in galeria de imagini “Agregatu’ de 4 elemente – 2008”

Echipele alese pentru Sprite Hardstyle 2008 Romania

Sesiunea de inscrieri pentru Sprite Hardstyle 2008 Romania a luat sfarsit! Echipele “alese” sunt: JCK (Apoe, Bere, Biex, Clif, Nesk) DH4 (Sectu, Canos, Reck) EPC Gangbangers Crew OPC (Cage, Ac, Zeke) PBD (BASK, SHAO, MONK, DIEGO, NEV, SOFIE) PENGUINS R.A.T.S (MIRK, MORFO, SWEZ) HELLO Concursul incepe pe 2 august, la 10:00, in Skatepark Herastrau, fiecare […]

Au inceput inscrierile pentru Sprite Hardstyle 2008 – Romania

Calendarul evenimentelor H2O de vara aceasta striga: concursul “Sprite Hardstyle” !!! Evenimentul are loc pe 2 august 2008, ora 15:00, in Skatepark din Herastrau. Grafferii stiu deja: concurs de graffiti avand acelasi concept ca un concurs mare! Vor exista 9 echipe a cate 3 pana la 10 grafferi. Fiecare echipa va avea la dispozitie intre […]

Graffiti Sunday

So on Sunday we had a little fun after church – we marked up a lot of cars with graffiti! (ok, ok, we had permission) The Missions Team planned this event to get the word out about The Journey North. We had a list of possible choices for the vehicles such as Got God?, Jeans […]