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123klan … simple as that :)

SiveOne, Nova & Mr.Flash – Germany graffiti
50mm Los Angeles

50mm was established in 1996 by Too Tall Jahmal and veteran Los Angeles graffiti writer Unit One.

Aeroart – another Romanian graffiti site, including a graffiti gallery, forum, guestbook
Alain-Philippe BAUDRY

KNOPS’s Photo Galleries at
Alto Contraste Crew

Alto Contraste Crew from Spain. Exceptional paiting!
Amsterdam Graffiti is your window to ‘The Wall’.
Big Fit

Since … ever, we have been talking to the walls. From the first moment we realized that they can be our best friends.
Biggest Gallery of Graffiti Pictures in the world!

Biggest Gallery of Graffiti Pictures in the world!

BLADE – the famous American writer – official site
Blek’s graffiti world

Here you are in Blek’s graffiti world. A well done stencil graffiti art collection.
Bucharest Business

The purpose of this site is to present the graffiti movement in Bucharest.

camera80 s-a nascut din pasiunea pentru fotografie si in acelasi timp din necesitate.
Can Artists

Can Artists from Stuttgart

Graffiti drawing and street art since 2007. Artist: Playing guitar in metal bands. Study: Faculty of fine arts – Skopje.
Director Web Romania

The content of this directory is manually sorted by Alex Mielus

World Wide Graffiti Trains ! 100% Trains ! Over 16.000 Pictures !

FAT CAP DESIGNS is a mail order based UK company, selling cutting edge graffiti inspired clothes
France Graffiti

Graffiti from France
Graffiti From East And West Berlin

Graffiti From East And West Berlin

Graffiti Berlin and more…. GRAFFITIBOX BERLIN GRAFFITI TRAINS, STYLES, SKIZZEN, VIDEOS, TRACKS, ACTIONS – International Graffiti – International Graffiti


The role of GRAPHOTISM as a regular journal is to present and raise the profile of graffiti art writing around the world.
GuerillaOne Los Angeles graffiti art etc …

Many manyyyy :) graffiti videos and pictures …

Portal de sporturi extreme – Impreuna pentru miscarea hiphop!
Lambs' Search Engine

Lambs’ Search Engine – Powered by Google API Code
Magazin eNshop

Magazin eNshop
Manastiri din Bucovina si Maramures

Manastiri din Romania prezinta patrimoniul cultural din Bucovina si Maramures: poze, turism, harti, stil de viata, sarbatori, manastiri, biserici, arhitectura, fresce, picturi pe pereti, icoane, ele fiind o marturie de credinta a vremurilor din trecut.
Mr. Dheo

Graffiti from Portugal
New York movement

If you missed the New York movement or just want to relive some memories, then this is the place. Hope you enjoy cyber benching.
new-strike-elements Counter Strike clan site

new-strike-elements Counter Strike clan site tells the story of Niels Meulman aka Shoe, or how a young graffiti vandal ends up designing ads for major brands and lecturing at the UCLA.
Nonstop Culture Magazine

Nonstop Culture Magazine is Switzerland’s finest graffiti and street art magazine.

Home of the New York City Aerosol Artists
Pictures of graffiti's found on usenet

Interface to search pictures of graffiti published on usenet by using usenet-replayer’s long time archive.
Portofoliu Foto

George Mielus – Photo Portfolio
Pula Fashion

PULA este un concept. PULA FASHION este un experiment. PULA FASHION este un stil de a trai. A trai contra. PULA FASHION este o revolutie impotriva manipularii. Inlocuieste cu PULA toate marcile care te asasineaza non-stop si vei obtine: o PULA reclama. – Graffiti sees itself as a documentation of the graffiti scenes in Leipzig, Germany and other countries.
Rio Rocket’s photos @

Rio Rocket’s photos @
Romania SubAsalt

Un site dedicat fenomenului graffiti si stencil in Romania
Romania, the country, the people, the history is the #1 webspot about Romania. We are the first portal site ever, that focussed exclusively on Romania, the country, the people, the history.
Romanian Stencil Archive

Stencil graffiti from all over Romania

Where art from the street comes to the roof!
Seen World

Seen World

Shame – a vandal from Denmark

SprayART is a virtual gallery where you can find and buy a new form of art. SprayART este o galerie virtuala unde puteti gasi o noua forma de arta materializata prin tablouri realizate cu vopsea spray pe carton lucios.
Stam Degeaba

“Dand din cap si frecand menta vom izbandi.” – A blog about street stencil art and social propaganda in the modern urban art scene. Francisc Zinz

Stencil Graffiti by Tristan Manco is published by Thames and Hudson – out now! The book showcases over 400 examples of contemporary stencilled works from across the globe, their innovation and vitality achieved with new materials, methods and approache

Tutorials, links, a well done and also visited forum, stencil gallery =

Street logos, stickers, posters, walls. All this come from Helsinki (Finland).
Stick Up Kids

GREAT walls! A must-see site!
Sue's Daily Photos

She tries to bring a new photo to her site every day.
SV Graff

SV Graff

This site just WOWed me! It really blowed my away with positive feelings and good thinking.

Bronx (USA) professional muralists who work in aerosol. They have changed the perception of graffiti as art!
The Four Elements

The Four Elements
The Graffiti Project

The idea is simple and original: take the vibrant and often transient art form of Brazilian graffiti out of its predominantly urban context and apply it to the ancient and permanent walls of an historic rural castle in Scotland.
the Playground

street/guerrilla art | web/graphic design | stickers/stencils/posters/paste up/photos/cut out/bla bla/music/oi oi

Image galleries, forum, archive. Mostly stencils.

Wexio Graff

An old site – last updated on 5th of May 1998. Some old shit :)

USA Street Art blog
Where no man has gone before …

Where no man has gone before… is a graffiti site mainly representing the graffiti scene in Gothenburg/Goteborg (on the westcoast of Sweden). Graffiti outside Gbg can of course also be found on this page!

Bratislava Graffiti

Famous dutch spraypaint graffiti artist and designer

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