Graffiti covers the brick inner walls surrounding the rooftop of the Seward Park High School building. It’s not vandalism. In fact, the principal and teachers of New Design High School, one of the five small schools in the building, initiated the display of paintings by legendary graffiti artists.

The Rooftop Legends project, started this fall and completed at the end of November, created dozens of colorful images of names, sayings, portraits and pictures from water towers to R2D2, to brighten up a space that had been unused for nearly 20 years.

Now it can become a place where students from the different schools in the building, who rarely see each other, can interact. It can also be a place for neighborhood events such as film showings.

„Our goal is to make this a community space,” says Corey Willis, Director of Design Education. The school hopes to create a green space on the roof, which covers nearly a square block at Essex and Grand streets. They’re also planning a sculpture show for the spring.

Name: New Design High School
Address: 350 Grand Street
Phone: 212.475.4148
Principal: Scott Conti

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