If you would like to present a memorable gift to the person whom you love the most in your life, diamond ring that would be the ultimate choice. Lot of people and are opting for custom made jewelry nowadays, as opposed to the standard jewelry, as they are considered to be very trendy and sophisticated. In fact, with these customs made jewelries, women are able to portray their real personalities.

Custom rings, whether mens or ladies are one of the most detailed custom jewelry pieces out now.

The ring builder will make customized rings according to your tastes and preferences. The end product will be made exactly according to your specifications. They will create some of the most unique designs on engagements rings, wedding bands, cuff-links, pendants and earrings. Some of the designs can also be customized with different types of precious stones.

TraxNYC will collect all the possible specification from their customers, and create beautiful designs which our specifically created and according to the customer needs. All you’ll need to do is provide them with a detailed description of the design that inspired you. Once you confirm the order, the ring builder will also give you some valuable suggestions for creating that ultimate piece of your dream jewelry.

You can submit a request at TraxNYC for a custom piece of jewelry. Afterwards, a TraxNYC custom specialist will contact you.