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The new Write4Gold jury system

Of all the the worldwide aerosol artist communities the Write4Gold is a unique and very important event. We are looking for equal rules of judging for every Write4Gold Battle, to make the system of judging more transparent and understandable for everyody. The following explanations will give you, as an organiser, a judge or a participant […]

Graffiti Calls Attention To 9/11

Political messages about 9/11 were spray-painted on two of Benton County’s trucks Monday, June 25, 2007, a day after Bentonville police began investigating graffiti on the main county courthouse and annex. Vandals used silver metallic spray paint to send the message, “9-11 Was An Inside Job,” on a Chevy Colorado and a Dodge Durango belonging […]

The 3rd Edition of Urban Funke Barcelona

Urban Funke Barcelona 2007 is a two-day event showcasing music, art and sports exhibitions that facilitate the development of international and national urban culture. The event will be hosted from June 29th, 2007 through to June 30th, 2007 with the grand opening on June 28th, 2007. The event will take place both during the day […]

Mural to encourage graffiti ‘art’

An “urban artist” has been hired by a council to paint over youngsters’ graffiti scrawls on a wall. Andy Birch, 33, created a 30ft (9m) mural near Rhyl’s promenade as part of a drive to combat vandalism. His next job for Denbighshire Council is to paint a mural over the Ty Newydd Road foot bridge […]

Trains from Wiesbaden, Germany

Trains filmed in the last few weeks by TheRealList in and around Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, Germany.

Designing a graffiti

Well here it’s how it is done a sketch. Then you “just” have to put in on a wall :D

Elevated Stations New York City – 1980 – part 1/3

Interesting movie! Made in 1980! Most of us weren’t even born that time :) I’ll continue posting all parts of it as they come on the net …

Graffiti in Peru

Well it seems that people are also doing graffiti in Peru, too :)