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Historic graffiti wall discovered

Real estate developers in NYC have discovered a historic graffiti wall end of November. Developer Mike Namer points to a detail on a graffiti wall with drawings by original graffiti subway artists Fab Five Freddy, Futura 2000 and some traces by Jean-Michel Basquiat Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2007, in New York. The large mural, created by […]

Santa’s Ghetto 2007

Every year in December a group of artists display their work at an art show called “Santa’s Ghetto”. Here‘s how they explain it: Santa’s Ghetto is probably the world’s most low-concept art event. Every year we assemble a loose collection of the great unwashed to hawk their artistic wares on the high street amongst the […]

The subconscious art of graffiti removal

WebUrbanist has an interesting write up of Matt McCormick‘s film The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal. Although a few years old it can still be found on the Best of Resfest Vol. 3. The short film brings up the interesting concept that one can find art in the painting over of graffiti done by local […]

Stockholm Subway Stories

This is strictly for the hardcore graffiti artists out there. A movie-clip from ”Stockholm Subway Stories’‘ provided by Laks Erik (thanks!).

Atlas One – Graffiti Documentary

East of the Angels went out painting with legendary LA graffiti artist, Atlas One. He talks about growing up, and painting in East Los Angeles. Featuring music by The Antarcticans, The Burning Softies, Pure Pleaser, and Aquaflesh. Originally appeared in issue #2 of The West Video Magazine. This video is ©2006 East of the Angels

The train got totally owned

… and again: teamwork is the key! That train got totally owned :)

Whole Train

That’s what I call teamwork :D And a bonus: they also used spray cans in both hands to paint this whole train.

Madrid Subway Action

Gen, Chuski, Higos and others hit the subway tunnels at night and people on the train don’t even notice them.

Graffiti jam

I don’t know where this graffiti jam took place but I found it on the net and thought you should see it ;) If anyone knows where it took place let me know … Thanks. Edited later: It took place in Lublin, Poland ;)

Timelapse of The Graffiti Project on Kelburn Castle

Footage of Os Gemeos, Nina and Nunca painting the walls of Kelburn Castle in Scotland, June 2007. Great work everyone!