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6-Year-Old Girl Facing $300 Fine for Graffiti Chalk Drawing

I just discovered today a somehow old article from The Brooklyn Paper. It is called ‘New face of vandalism?’ It is about a 6 years old girl who did what any normal kid does: she draw a picture with common sidewalk chalk. But no … the state forces don’t agree with us: “Please remove the […]

Romanian Graffiti Compilation

I just compiled today some romanian graffiti scenes from various periods of time. Enjoy ;)

R.I.P. – RASTA C.I.A. Crazy Inside Artists published on Saturday, October 13th, 2007 a homage to a graffiti legend of the NYC subway graffiti movement. RASTA C.I.A. Crazy Inside Artists. The Brooklyn native passed away last week so i feel the least i could to show my love for him is to KEEP IS MEMORY ALIVE.. I posted a pic of […]

Bronx graffiti reunion

Graff writers from around the world unite in the Bronx in an effort to attest graffiti as an art-form and not vandalism. MEETING OF STYLES, The Bronx, NY [ via The New Pop ]

Seen just had a Paris “Seen City” exhibition

While Ket (one “godfather of graffiti”) pleaded guilty to defacing subway trains, another “godfather of graffiti”, Seen, just had his Paris “Seen City” exhibition (14th to 30th September), presenting his latest creations. Seen Speaks French Interview with Seen in NYC Seen video by (thanks ;)

KET, one of the “Godfathers of Graffiti”, pleaded guilty

Cops: Graffiti guy pleads guilty to defacing subway trains BY PETE DONOHUE – NY DAILY NEWS – Friday, September 28th 2007, 4:00 AM One of the “Godfathers of Graffiti,” a pal of fashion designer Marc Ecko, has pleaded guilty to felony charges of defacing subway trains, authorities said yesterday. Alain Mariduena, 36, won’t be imprisoned […]

Video: Nopti albe cu graffiti

Unfortunately I was at my daily job on the day when “Nopti albe cu graffiti” took place so I couldn’t take any shots at all. But … thank you Nev for the movie ;)

22 septembrie 2007 – “Nopti albe cu graffiti”

22 septembrie 2007 ora 14:00 Piata Constitutiei Bucuresti, Romania Un eveniment RULEZ.

Reverse Graffiti

Another video discovered by Wooster Collective. Reverse Graffiti with Alexandre Orion.