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Braille Graffiti

I just saw this video published. I was and still am stunned about this great idea: Braille Graffiti! Thanks to Wooster Collective for discovering this video. Watch it, too, and tell me what you think about it.

5 cent

Free graffiti font download for today. 5 cent. A font which emulate urban graffiti styles for your designs. Downloads: 1298 times

08 underground

Free graffiti font downloads for PC and Mac. If you’re looking for fonts which emulate urban graffiti styles for your designs, you’ll enjoy the free fonts that I will put up in the Free Graffiti Fonts category that I just created. Don’t forget to bookmark this category because I will update it every now and […]

World of Warcraft graffiti in China

I am pretty sure this isn’t a public relations action of Blizzard. But since I’ve been playing WoW too, I’m definitely sure this is a WoW Horde player’s drawing. What we have here is a called a troll shaman. I have a night elf rogue (Ucigasa) and a gnome warlock (Ucilock). They are both Alliance […]

Eric Clapton – $120,000 for 12 graffiti paintings by Lee Quinones

This week news broke that Eric Clapton shelled out $120,000 to buy twelve paintings by legendary graffiti artist Lee Quinones; each work depicts a shoplifter grabbing an album from the Seventies, including James Brown’s Sex Machine and the Isley Brothers’ Get Into Something. The guitarist’s apparent love of graffiti art dates back at least a […]

Bus airbrushing

Gorgeous buses painted using an airbrush. You can see them all on Among other things he also painted Steaua Bucharest’s new bus. Thanks to Andrei for this info ;)

Support Alain Ket Maridueña

Alain Ket Maridueña is a publisher, writer, Hip Hop historian, activist and graffiti artist from New York City. He was charged in New York City courts (Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan) on counts of felony criminal mischief, possession of graffiti tools, all relating to a search performed on his home in New York City in late […] Keyboard :)

Make your own keyboard by clicking here :)

Heroin: Victims Of Addiction

A series of 4 videos showing you how to NOT do it yourself. DON’T GET HOOKED! DON’T EVEN TRY IT! 1. The Hook 2. Family 3. Faith 4. Death Thanks to Luis Sánchez Saturno for this great documentary. All these videos are copyright Luis Sánchez Saturno.

Etterbeek, Belgium: Awesome animated graffiti

I just found this awesome animated graffiti on This sequence of graffiti images can be found on a wall on the back of Etterbeek train station, Belgium. Drawings by BONOM & LORK.