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LA Graffiti Girls

This is a video promoting the new graffiti site LA Graffiti Girls. The site features graffiti from the Los Angeles, female graffiti writers. LA Graffiti Girls is Tiffany Evans and La Dawna Wert from California State University Long Beach. It’s a blog project dedicated to the influence of female graffiti writers in Los Angeles street […]

How-to: graffiti tag

Wirl, street artist finlandez, da un graffiti tag cu Liberteen. Multumiri Club Fabrica & IRLO pentru bunavointa. Un film de: Cinty Ionescu Montaj: Tudor Calnegru Productie: Cinty Ionescu & The Group Multumiri ;)

How-to: paste-up

IRLO, unul dintre cei mai prolifici street artists de la noi iti arata, pas cu pas, cum se face un paste-up si-ti spune care sunt avantajele acestuia in comparatie cu alte forme de street art. Un film de: Cinty Ionescu Montaj: Tudor Calnegru Productie: Cinty Ionescu & The Group Multumiri ;)

Mear CBS / WCA – Los Angeles

Interview and action painting with artist Mear, from Los Angeles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Mear One, born 1971 as Kalen Ockerman in Santa Cruz, California, is a Los Angeles-based fine artist, famously known for his often-political street graffiti art. Commonly referred to as the ‘Michelangelo’ of graffiti, Mear One is commonly associated with CBS […]


This video was shot at Fall Fashion Week 2007 for Da Movement. It features the Tats Cru, and was edited by NYC LASE and shot by Mikey (Kings of New York). For more info please visit:

Iz the Wiz

From the Style Wars 20 year anniversary DVD, here is the bonus footage with Iz the Wiz, one of the most active graffiti writers of all time.

Geeky Street Graffiti Projects

I just found out today this post (even though it was published on January 9th, 2008): 7 Unusually Geeky Street Graffiti Projects: From Digitized Spray-Painting to Physical Hyperlinking. I advice you to go read it. It was a pleasure reading it! Well done!

Street Delivery

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MUTO: a wall-painted animation by BLU

A short film by Blu: an ambiguous animation painted on public walls. Made in: Buenos Aires and in Baden Music by: Andrea Martignoni Produced by: Mercurio Film Assistant: Sibe