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SubwayGirlz – Paris / France

Location: Paris / France – subway | Date: september 19th, 2006 | 2 girls vandalizing a train :D

Love / Hate

one shot – july 2006 | painting by GREMS | film by AUTOPSYFILMS | music by John Frusciante (WB)

One week of art

Amazing video of Japanese artists creations during one week! They paint on a big wall, painting them out and starting over!

Stencil Session

* location: Chatou, Suburbs of Paris, in old Pathe Marconi industries * stencilist: Hao Fremantle Sadhu * track: EL-P “Deep Space” defjux records

Why Use An Airbrush Stencil?

Whether you have been airbrushing for years or you are just getting started, you will find that an airbrush stencil is a great way to make your creative visions come alive. Not only will stencils and templates help you be more accurate in your art form, they will help you create the same forms again […]

What brand of spraypaint do I need to buy?

The first thing many people ask when they come into advice and tips is what brand of spraypaint they need to buy. The short answer is that any paint will do. The paint has little bearing on your ability to cut a good stencil, so please, dont go out and spend a lot of money […]

Nu lasa Rosia Montana sa moara!

“Proiectul este o datorie de onoare fata de Tara Motilor, impotriva demagogiei si impotriva dorintei unora de a se imbogati.” – Traian Basescu sustinand exploatarea miniera cu cianura la Rosia Montana (Alba Iulia, 29 martie 2004) CIANURA A AJUNS PE MASA LUI BASESCU SA TRAIESTI BINE! Presedintele Romaniei primeste Oscarul pentru lupta impotriva coruptiei. Dar […]